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Mrs Windsor celebrates her 90th birthday…

Mrs Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten, better known as Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom has been celebrating her 90th birthday. All over her realm the general population have been in adoration for her, a woman who has lived a life of luxury paid for by the populace that are celebrating this milestone. I doubt any other 90 year old women living in England, Scotland, Wales or the province of Northern Ireland, will be celebrating on such a lavish scale, they will not be having street parties held in their honour. A majority of these elderly pensioners who have worked harder in one month than she has in a single year will have had their pensions cut, in the name of economics were a nation has had to endure cut backs in services to balance the countries books. But the House of Windsor on the other hand has seen its income increased, by the generosity of the gouvernement signing off on a deal for the family to receive the income from the Crown Estates. 

They have the worst state education in Western Europe, along with the worst and most expensive health service that is about to collapse. Both the education and health services have been mismanaged by consecutive gouvernements, and used as a political football by whatever party is in power so both of these most important institutions are constantly changing. 

The United Kingdom and its people are an anacranism in the 21st century, they live in a fantasy world whereby they still rule the seas and have an Empire. They do not see that the Empire terminated when the Indian Sub-continent became independent, that was on the 15 August 1947 for India subsequently become a république on the 26 January 1950. The older people have not seen ou do not want to, and the younger ones do not want to see that the world has moved on. This is the crux of the issue for the people who seek to leave Union Europeen, calling for the Brexit in the referendum to be held on the 23 June 2016. They believe that the other member states, will give them what they want free movement of goods without having to pay. That they will be able to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world, independently of the EU which will be beneficial to the United Kingdom. They seem to be unaware that they have nothing to trade with, it’s not as if the UK manufactures very much that anyone else wants. None of their car manufacturing is held in British hands, it is all owned by foreign investors. They will seek to manufacture elsewhere, as a UK outside of the Union will incure excessive import and export charges. 

A majority of the English are aware of one man, who has a statue in Parliament Square his name is Winston Churchill. Many English politiciens have sort to be the bearer of his mantel, but there are none who would qualify for one simple reason. He was the man who instigated the Union European that it should become a United States of Europe, this was made in a lecture at the University of Zurich on 19 September 1946. A transcript of this speach can be seen at: and Had future prime ministers had the same foresight and vision as Winston Churchill, and not been dreaming of the past and what Britain had once been. They would have been at the head of the table developing and creating a European Union, instead they spent the 1950’s in denial of how the world was changing around them clinging to British Commonwealth as the former empire became known…it is now known juste as The Commenwealth of Nations. Then they spent several years vascillating with angst, should they ou shouldn’t they. When they eventually decided they thought Europe would say yes, but ended up begging to become a member in subsequent years from 1961 to the 1 janvier 1973 accession as a full member.


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