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Donald Trumps America and Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich..,

The similarities between Donald Trumps administration and that of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich are frightening, in both you have the paranoid leader blaming all the ills that beset their countries are due to immigrant minority’s. 

We know what happened in Germany during the terror of the Third Reich, all the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, intelligentsia, communists and the Slavs were rounded up and sent to the notorious concentration camps. Initially being used as slave labour and experimented on, and when the final solution was decreed they were then sent to the ovens of the extermination camps.

Today in America we see history repeating itself with a megalomaniac, having taken the highest office in the land as President. Like Hitler in Germany, he declares that he’ll make America great again. He has signed more executive orders in his first 100 days than any other president, all of these orders are to make America a pourer sadder nation of racial hypocrisy and hatred. They are designed to make him and his family wealthier, while tearing down a 241 year old democracy and turning the USA into a dictatorship. Already the minority native Americans are being targeted, allowing the oil companies to build an oil pipeline to pass through their sacred lands. The black Americans are being systematically killed, by the racially biased white police many of whom are members of the KKK. The Muslims are being detained and or denied entry to the USA even though they are American citizens and carry legal travel documents.

This evil sickness has wide spread appeal amongst Americans of all classes, from the illiterate red necks of the south, to the so called Christian Right who seem to have a problem the actual teaching of their Jesus. 

We in Europe can not afford complacency as nationalism marches forward and is ready to engulf all of us, as more of these vile leaders try to take power with France next in the eye of the Front National and its leader Marin Le Pen. She has already applauded the rise of Donald Trump, and the British leaders who curry favour with Trump will be carried on tailcoat of the hatred that they have unleashed.

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